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Easy Buff Products

 EASY BUFF products are manufactured in our Colorado Springs facility.

These products were designed for the Rocky Mountain environment.

High Performance products at factory direct prices!!

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 In the mid 1980's Simplicity Floor Systems began manufacturing Easy Buff Floor Care products in Colorado Springs.  This was an outgrowth from their need for a climate-specific floor finish and stripper that would be suitable to the dry, hot, dusty climate of Colorado and the surrounding states.

In those days the company did floor maintenance work for Safeway and other large grocery chains.  The large national manufacturers all make their products suitable to the climate of the Midwest-humid and cool- because that is where they are located.  The floor finish products that work well in the Chicago area do not hold up well in Colorado.  The strippers from New England dry too fast in the dry climate of the southwest.

Therefore, Easy Buff was born!  The Easy Buff products are created from raw materials specifically suited to the southwest climate.  Floor finishes have to dry to a gloss, allowing for the polymer to level and the strippers have to stay wet throughout the process despite the dry air.  The cleaners have to lift the dusty soil from the surface without dulling the shine. 

Today Colorado Springs Cleaning Supply manufactures all the Easy Buff cleaners, finishes and strippers in the Colorado Springs facility.  These are mixed in 1000 gallon tanks, pumped through a product-specific pump and pipe system to be packaged.  Stop by any time to observe this process.  All ingredients are carefully weighed by a digital scale and calibrated meters newly purchased in 2008.  Many of the formulas have been updated in the past few years to give outstanding performance.

Easy Buff floor finishes are all true percent solids.  Volatile solids are taken into account when calculating ingredients.  Products are batched with an observer to insure consistent quality.  Labels and directions are resistant to chemical deterioration.  Packaging is first rate pour gallons, 5 gallon pails or measuring bottles

Easy Buff Blue Concentrate

Multi-purpose cleaner.  Safe on all floors. 
Cleans without dulling the shine. 
May be used for spray and wipe cleaning. 
No free Alkali.  No rinsing required.
Available in Gallons, 5 Gallon pails
and 55 Gallon Drums.
Excellent for removal of salt and ice melt residue!


Labor Relief Aggressive Stripper

Our most aggressive stripper that will remove many coats of an old finish.  Low odor formula. 
Dilute up to 4:1  Use with cold water.  Available in Gallons and 5 Gallon pails. 

Labor Relief Bucket

Liquidator Heavy Duty Stripper

Removes old finishes with ease.  Low odor with a long dilution.  Use with cold water. 
Dilute up to 6:1. 
Available in Gallons and 5 Gallon pails.

Dur-Lon Floor Finish

Our hardest finish yet.  It is a best performer on hard floors, concrete, and ceramic tile.  It levels out before drying to produce a clear coating. 
Available in Gallons and 5 Gallon pails.

Nu Pro Extra Floor Finish

A spectacular shine that is both tough and durable on all floors. You can buff or burnish with all systems.  It responds well to a deep scrub and a recoat. 
Available in Gallons or 5 Gallon pails.


Pro XP Floor Finish 

Pro XP is the high solids choice for the floor care professional.  This true 23% solids finish covers in fewer coats than other finishes to produce an unprecedented shine.  Responds beautifully to all high speed burnishing and spray buffing.  Compatible with other Easy Buff Finishes.


Neutral Cleaner

Safely removes light soil from waxed tile floors without dulling the shine. 
Use with cold water. 
Dilutes 1 ounce/gallon. 
Makes 128 gallons of solution. 


Easy Pour Neutral Cleaner

Cleans tile floors without dulling the shine.  Removes all light soil from finished tile floors.  Super concentrated in an easy-to-measure bottle with a pleasant fragrance. 
Dilutes 1 ounce per bucket. 
Makes 160 gallons of solution.


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Deep Clean Bottle

Deep Clean Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

Use to clean your toughest grease and grime from any surface.  This may be used to deep scrub finish on tile floors.  Use with hot or cold water.  Mop or spray application.  Available in Gallons, 5 Gallon pails and 55 Gallon drums.

Deep Clean Bucket


Quickshine Floor Restorer

Floor Restorer and Spray Buff.  Concentrated.  Mop, spray on or mix in an automatic scrubber tank.  Burnishes to a high gloss with an electric or propane burnisher.  Mix in a spray bottle for spray buffing with high or low speed machines.

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Vision Clear Shine
Glass Cleaner

Vision Clear Shine glass cleaner cuts through airborne grime, fingerprints, and even lipstick!  Foam clings when sprayed on vertical surfaces to increase the dwell time.  Dries quickly to a clear clean shine.  Available in RTU or Concentrate.
12 Quarts per case.

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Heavy Duty Spray and Wipe cleaner.  Cleans finger marks, grease and heel marks.  Instantly solubalizes and lifts soil from the surface.  Formulated for the dry western climate to not dry out before wiped. Available RTU or Concentrate.
12 Quarts per case.

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The Perfectionist's Package

Labor Relief Stripper, Pro XP Finish, Easy Pour Cleaner, and Quickshine Restorer. 
Together with a Minuteman 20" 1 1/2 HP buffer, you will get the shine and keep it!!


The Complete Package

Labor Relief Stripper, Pro XP Finish, Easy Pour Cleaner, Quickshine Restorer and a Pro Link mop and handle. 
Together with a Minuteman 1 1/2 HP buffer, you can do any floor !!


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